Our Project

It’s a complete mud system consisting of 2 water tanks, 2 mixing tanks, 16 storage tanks and allied equipment. The allied equipment consists of pumps, agitators.

Our Services

To fulfill our client’s emergency site requirements, SETCCOis fully equipped with a critical equipment and spares viz. Solid control Units, Steel materials & accessories.

Painting System

SETCCO has its own indigenous advanced automatic painting equipment for external pipe coating conforming to the Clients requirement.

Distribution & Supply

  •   Solid Control Units
  •   Steel Materials
  •   Centrifugal Pumps
  •   Agitator
  •   Hopper
  •   Mud Pumps
  •   Mud Cleaner
  •   Mud Gun
  •   Mud Bucket
  •   Desilters
  •   Shell Shaker
  •   Level Indicators
  •   Valves
  •   Beams
  •   Plates
  •   Squaretubes
  •   Angles

Welcome To Setcco

SAEED ABDULLAH AL-SHAMRANI EST. (SETCCO) is a well-established company with perfect blend of quality, modernity and versatility. Reliability that you can depend on and performance that you can count on through various projects, reputed/satisfied clients.

SETCCO is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia; havingdecades of Technical Expertise with an exceptional track record management teams in customer satisfaction. Our operations are housed in over 250,000 square feet of shop facilities located open yard andOffice Space 2000 Sqft. We have highly skilled technical personnel to execute our Projects with precision and quality standard.